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Do I need an alcohol server permit?

Whether a person is required to have a server permit is determined by what the person actually does, not by their job title. If your job involves making the decision whether to serve and/or sell alcohol to a customer, you must be certified.

SERVERS who take drink orders, or serve alcohol must be certified. BARTENDERS must always be certified.

MANAGERS and OWNERS even if they don’t sell or serve customers themselves, must be certified because they “manage, direct, or control the sale or service of alcohol.

BOUNCERS and SECURITY if they are checking the ID’s of customers to make sure they are at least 21, are “controlling the sale and service of alcohol”, and therefore are also required to be certified.

HOSTS in a restaurant who do not make any decision to serve or sell alcohol, do NOT need to be certified. But if they EVER check a customers ID, take a drink order, or serve an alcoholic beverage, they must be certified.

CASHIERS generally must be certified. In a package-store situation (Grocery Store or Liquor Store) cashiers must be at least 21 years old.